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Whether Kirk is performing his Cabaret Show, his Scottish Show or his Tribute Show the audience only ever get to see the perfect polished performance. So let me tell you a little bit about the hours and hours of long hard work that go on behind the scenes, before each and every performance.


In the Cabaret Show, Kirk always has the music and a long list of tracks planned in advance that he may perform that evening, but most of the time that list changes the minute he walks on the stage and gauges what kind of audience he is performing to, and what special songs they request him to sing. Without us even noticing he very quickly re arranges the running order of his show so he can include exactly what we the audience want.


Now as we all know the Tribute Show is a mass of Lights, Costumes and Music. Every bit of this spectacular show is worked on and changed continuously throughout the year. Originally all Kirks fantastic stage costumes were made by his wife Ilene, or Bella as she is affectionately called on stage. Unfortunately due to work commitments and the popularity of the Tribute Show Ilene found she was unable to find time to continue making new costumes. Fortunately Wizard Productions in Kilmarnock was able to step in and make a few of the new costumes, one of these being his very eye-catching coat of many colours, which was many weeks in the making but well worth the wait.


Kirk has a lot of input in to the designing of each costume and often, even after a new costume is made, he makes adjustments to the design and the costume has to be re –vamped. This job is undertaken by a lovely, very talented lady called Linda from Grangemouth. So keep your eyes peeled and you will see some amazing transformations in some of the costumes very soon.

Now Ilene (or Bella) also works extremely hard in the Tribute Show because she is in charge of operating the lighting and the sound. This is a very difficult job as the lighting and the sound have to come together with almost military precision, as every song has a different beat and Ilene makes every light dance and sparkle to the beat of the music. She also incorporates special effect lighting in to many sections of the show. The Tribute Show just wouldn’t be complete without all Ilene’s hard work and expertise.


That brings me to Kirks CD’s which he has several of that he sells online and at the shows. Every CD can take weeks, if not months to prepare. He spends hours with his closest friend and very talented writer/producer Greg Friel who sometimes allows Kirk to give his input into the arrangement of some of the tracks, and Greg has also recorded the music sang all the backing vocals for many of Kirks songs.


Then it’s in to the recording studio where Kirk can record as many as 30 tracks before he decides which ones he will include on his new CD. He then spends a lot of his free time (not that he has much these days) planning and designing the cover and label for the CD that was recorded. Incidentally Kirk also designs his own posters, handouts and business cards, so every one is a Kirk James Original.


So next time, like me, you sit back and enjoy a show, or listen to a CD in your car or sitting relaxing at home, REMEMBER it has taken Kirk and his dedicated team days, weeks and even months to prepare this SPECTACULAR ENTERTAINMENT and MUSIC for us the general public to enjoy. As huge Kirk James Fans we should all be eternally grateful for all the hard work, time and effort that is put in, just to keep us entertained.